• Image of Record LP Vinyl Cleaner with Antistatic Cloth 250ml

Record cleaner is a must for any record collector. This specially formulated solution ensures proper every day cleaning at the same time being the most effective cleaning method for badly soiled records. Cloth is stored inside the lid.

How To Use:
Everyday Cleaning:
Wet enclosed cloth with Record Cleaner Solution and apply along the record grooves. The Record Cleaner efficiently removes dust and dirt whilst keeping the record antistatic.

Badly Soiled Records:
Apply Record Cleaner solution to Velvet Pad and thouroughly clean the record. The Velvet Pad removes all dissolved impurities from the record groove. During this process the solution must be completely wiped away, as dissolved impurities will otherwise remain in the groove.

*****Not recommended for Shellac, Laminate or Acetate Records, such as old 78s.*****